Real Estate

Parcel of 4000 sq.m. at Rodokipo Halkidiki for sale.


Location «Kenourgies elies», Area of exceptionally high development, Panoramic parcel easy for utilization, Front to city road, Irrigable, Easy ability to provide electricity, Fantastic panoramic sea views of the Thermaikos Bay, Distance from Thessaloniki: 40 km, Distance from sea: 3000 meters, Distance from Rodokipos village: 1000 meters, Distance from current houses: 500 meters, Excellent quality and clearness of sea, Easy Approach to the sea, Buildable parcel, our of city plan, Ideal parcel for investment near the town of Thessaloniki. 40 Olive trees variety of Halkidiki, included in the parcel. Administratively, Rodokipos belongs to the municipality Propontidas (Moudanion-Kallikrateias).

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