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Reservation and cancellation policy
The relations between hotel-guests and hoteliers are regulated by the Law 1652/30-10-1986 (article N.8) .
Reservation policy / forms of payment:
• For a reservation to be confirmed, an advance payment is required
• The advance payment for the confirmation is of 25% of the total cost (according to article N.2).
• The advance payment could be made either to a bank account or our account on Western Union.
• The rest of the amount will be paid upon the arrival.
Cancellation policy
• For booking cancelled up to 21 days prior to the arrival date, the deposit is fully (100%) refundable (according to article N.3)
• for booking cancelled less than 21days before the arrival date, 50% of the deposit will be charged (according to article N.3)
• for a cancellation during staying, 50% of the original booking charge for the rest of the days is charged, corresponding to the agreed room daily rate (according to article N.8)
• Check-in: 12:00-14:00.
• Check-out: till 12:00.
• Guests wishing to keep the room up until 18:00 are charged 50% of the room daily rate. In case of staying beyond 18:00 the full daily rate is charged.

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